20+ ideas for your next posts

20+ ideas for your next blog posts

All bloggers have to deal with lack of inspiration once in a while. Actually, if you are reading this post, you are probably going through a bout of writer’s block right now.

People often ask me how I manage to come up with so many articles every month. The answer is simple: After nine years as a blogger, experience has taught me to see ideas everywhere. And, to be honest, my goal is not to re-invent the wheel but rather to write posts that are valuable and relevant to you.

Today, I would like to share a list of ideas, I hope, will help fuel your creativity for your upcoming posts.

  • Conversations with members of your audience and professionals in your niche
  • Trending topics in your field
  • Case studies
  • Reviews of products (books, tools, software…)
  • Responses to articles posted on other blogs
  • Weekly curation of the best content found on a specific topic
  • Tutorials / how-tos
  • Lists of your favorite tools, resources, blogs, brands…
  • Positive lessons learnt from challenging experiences
  • Interviews of specialists in your niche
  • Infographics
  • Highlight of the best comments your blog has received
  • Helpful tips, including insider secrets
  • Roundup of your most popular posts to date
  • Series of short articles centered around a specific topic
  • Roundup of best tips shared by your favorite experts
  • Recurring mistakes you see in your industry
  • Repurposing of old content into different formats (slidedecks, videos, infographics, podcasts…)
  • What not to do
  • The story behind your brand
  • Lists of your favorite Tweets / Google+ posts / Facebook updates
  • Quotes
  • Definition posts
  • Year in review articles

Websites for further inspiration:

  • Check out and answer people’s questions on Quora. Then, blog about it.
  • Subscribe to Google Alerts and Topsy.
  • Subscribe to Dailypost on WordPress to receive ideas, suggestions and inspiration directly in your Inbox.

Any other ideas? Feel free to share in the comment section.

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    Hi Cendrine ! 

    I’m here in your blog for the first time :) Simply Awesome :) I just loved this blog ! 

    How to come up with new blog post ideas when you have nothing to write about ? Or what blog post recipes can make your blog more interesting. Many folks are searching around for this and now, you have listed some great blog post ideas. Thanks :) I’ve also made a special article on this to help the bloggers all around. 
    If you wish to see them, I’d drop the link :) 

    Keep writing :) 

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