Add videos to your documents with Movenote

Looking for a free tool to make your presentations more interactive? Give Movenote a try.

Movenote lets you add videos to documents in a few clicks. First, open an account and check out your Inbox for the confirmation email. Click the activation link, and you are set.

You can add content (PDF, JPG, PNG, PPT…) from any device and / or Google Drive, and reorder it by dragging and dropping elements. Then, upload a video file or click the “Record” button to create your video with your computer webcam, tablet, or smartphone.

To change slides while speaking, press the right arrow key located between the “Add content” and “Re-order” tabs at the top of your presentation. And if you need to highlight something, just press down your mouse button to turn your cursor into a laser pointer.

With Movenote, nothing is set in stone. If you are not happy with your video, you can always start over. Otherwise, click the “Save & preview” button, and your presentation will be automatically converted.

Next, you can share your masterpiece with other Movenote users or by email. You may also:

  • Edit / rename your presentation and change its layout
  • Embed your Movenote on a blog or website
  • Download the slides as a PDF
  • See viewing statistics
  • Include a link at the end of your presentation to redirect people to a specific site

Check out my test run of Movenote below:

Pretty neat, eh?

To start using Movenote, visit


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