Do you know that the Internet has its own museum?

The Big Internet Museum

Launched in December 2012, The Big Internet Museum is a digital spot founded by Netherlanders Dani Polak, Joep Drummen, and Joeri Bakker.

It works exactly like a regular museum, with curators, a permanent collection, temporary exhibitions by guest curators, and seven specialized wings, including history, meme, gaming, peripherals, social media, and technology.

Right now, the museum is featuring a brand new temporary exhibit. “LOCAL & SOCIAL” offers an overview of the world’s most important local networks.

With Facebook being the world’s largest social network, you’d almost forget that there are a great deal of profoundly large local networks out there. But Facebook – with its billion users – makes it hard for the local networks to operate and to survive. Also Hyves had a very hard time the past few years. In the good old days Hyves was the biggest Dutch social network, but that changed when Facebook became more popular among youngster. Will Hyves disappear and become one of The Big Internet’s museum pieces? Let’s hope not!

(Source: news release)

I had the opportunity to interview Joep Drummen a few months ago. You can check out my article here.

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