Blogging for a global audience: An interview with Cendrine Marrouat

Today, I was the guest of #BizHeroes, a weekly Twitter chat organized and hosted by

The team wanted me to discuss the topic of blogging for a global audience. The conversation was really interesting, thanks to the gems shared by participants.

I know a lot of you were not able to attend, so I decided to make the interview available on the blog.

As always, I’d love to read your thoughts. Do you have anything to add?


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    Hello Cendrine,  I was very eager to take part in the #BizHeros chat because my social media hero – YOU – were the guest. Unfortunately due to the time zone difference the chat happened when it was well past midnight here.  I was little sad but very glad after seeing your post here – It was almost like being present at the chat.. The brilliant YOU have put it all into a neat blog, which is lovely.  I went through each and every bit of the chat and learnt a lot. Thank you f for sharing all the brilliant bits of wisdom with us. 

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      Thank you, John! I appreciate your kind words — as always.

      I knew that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to attend. So, I figured it would be a nice way for them to see what had transpired. It was a fun chat!

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    Hi Cendrine, I missed the start due to kids dinner time, however tried to catch up… what I did read was very interesting indeed and I look forward to catching up on your blog, thanks for sharing it so I can digest!  Pretty epic lovely, great Q&A and participation with lots of value!   Well done! When is the next one?!

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      Hello Janine,

      I figured you were busy. :-)

      If you are referring to my next interview, I have one lined up in May (Blog Talk Radio). However, if you are talking about the #BizHeroes chats, they take place every Tuesday at the same time.

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