Bookmark any Facebook post with this Chrome extension

I am a very picky Facebook user. I only share and like content that will be useful to those who follow me and / or will entertain them.

Many interesting things pop up in my newsfeed. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to read them until later. So, before taking any action, I use a Chrome extension called “Facebook Favorite.”

Facebook Favorite allows you to bookmark public posts for later perusal. Once installed, it adds a Favorite link next to Like, Share, and Comment. Just click that link to save items automatically.

All bookmarks can be accessed by hitting the Facebook Favorite icon in your toolbar or right clicking on any web page:

• List view – All your saved items in a written list. You can conduct searches and delete unwanted content there too.

• Feeds view – See your bookmarks in a Pinterest-like page

This Chrome extension is really nice and easy to use. However, note that you need to be signed into your Facebook account to access your bookmarks. Also, items remain saved locally. If you install the extension on another computer, you won’t be able to recover those favorites.

To start using Facebook Favorite for Chrome, click here.


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