Make your content more shareable on Twitter with Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet lets you easily create “Tweet about this” links to use on your website, blog, or Twitter.

To start using the service, visit (no signup required). Write the message you want to share in the box, click the “Generate” button, and copy and paste the custom link on your page. 

Whenever someone clicks the link, the message will automatically populate their Twitter status box. All they have to do is send the message.

Here is an example:

Make your content more shareable on Twitter with Click to Tweet (Click to Tweet)

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  1. says

    Click to Tweet is a really useful tool (and very simple to use). Just remember to click on the Generate link button to actually generate a link! This took me a while to figure out. D’oh!

    You can also use it in the text of ebooks and email newsletters, etc., which is great for spreading news about your services to a wider audience too.

  2. says

    Cendrine, I use ClicktoTweet often but I should use it more.
    Each time I send out an update to my newsletter I give people the option to tweet it to their followers. The trick is that before I send the message out to everyone, I need to send it to myself first so that I can generate a URL to add to the message. This also lets me know who my true supporters are.

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