Make beautiful photo collages with Collagerator

Seville, Spain

Collagerator allows you to create collages from your photo collection in seconds.

To use Collagerator, you must first install the app on your computer. Open the software, then:

  • Select the layout for your collage. There are many to choose from (e.g., iPhone, iPad, poster, wallet, postcard).
  • Click the “+” icon to add your pictures. Note that photos can be removed with the “-” icon and rotated. You can also drag them with your mouse to rearrange the collage.
  • Click the “Theme” button to access customization options: spacing between photos, color of background, shadows, and frames.
  • When you are done, click “File” at the top left and select “Export”. This will allow you to save the result as a picture (jpeg, png, etc.). You can set the resolution, width and size as well.

Note that editing your collages is only possible if they have been saved as MHC files.

For more information on Collagerator, visit

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