10 tips for designing effective visual communication (Infographic)

Creating content is one thing. Making it appealing and relatable is another.

That is why the brands that include visuals in their strategies have been winning the day. And it is not just about the brain processing anything visual faster than the written format. It also has a lot to do with their branded messages.

Of course, visual components without good, “thoughtful” design will not get much traction. For example, avoid using too many different colors and stick to fonts that mirror what you are trying to convey. In a nutshell, the simpler, the better!

Want more tips? You will find them in this excellent infographic designed by Visage.co for HubSpot.

Designing Effective Visual Communication Infographic

Infographic courtesy of HubSpot.com.


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    I love this article and your tips are RIGHT ON, Mark. 6 months ago, I didn’t have much money AT ALL, but I knew I coudn’t make things happen without help concentrating on tasks I’d just rather not have to do. They were the lynchpin for me getting a lot further along!! I recommend hiring compassionate, grounding presence — they need not know much more than the average 18-year-old who enjoys technology to be very, very helpful to me and my patience with myself with technology — and it taught me that my peeves are actually insightful, not just “perfectionistic complaints about other peoples’ work,” which I’d previously been accusing myself of. Tech is tedious!

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