Make responsive embeds in seconds with Embed Responsively

If you use Scribd, SoundCloud, Storify, or Twitter, you probably know that the services offer embed codes that automatically detect the size of a visitor’s screen. Unfortunately, things are different when it comes to YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Google Maps, Instagram, or Vine.  

Problem solved with Embed Responsively! The service helps create codes for embedding rich third-party media into responsive pages. All you need to do is visit, select the media source, enter the original URL (for videos and Instagram) or iFrame embed (for Google Maps), and click the “Embed” button. Finally, copy and paste the code on your page. 

Here is an example with a YouTube video I made a long time ago. Resize your window to see what happens. If you are reading this article from a smartphone, you shouldn’t have to do anything. 


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    Like on The Writers Social we use the Embed format for the look of the Videos. It gives a cleaner look and keeps readers on your page longer. Nice article, I will check out that website you recommend.

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