Increase engagement around your brand on Twitter with Embedle

Embedle is a free service that brings Twitter conversations directly to blogs and allows you to network with like-minded Tweeps.

To start using Embedle, visit Then, drag the bookmarklet into your bookmark bar or install the Chrome extension. The next time you browse a web page, click the Embedle button that appears on the left side. A list of of people who have tweeted the content will pop up:

From within the Embedle widget, you can interact with users, access their Twitter bio, invite them to connect with you via personalized DM, and easily share the content by clicking the “Tweet this page” box. For more options, click the three dashes next to that box:

And if you own a blog or website, don’t forget to copy and paste the Embedle code to your footer. This will allow your readers to network with other readers and retweet your content very easily.

For more information on Embedle, visit


  1. says

    Seems like a great tool :D

    I am not going to install it, at least not now (I’ve so many extensions that I haven’t used…need to revisit those soon).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this Cendrine :) Hope you are having a good weekend :D

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