Should I be on every major social network?

Here is a question that I hear all the time: “Should I be on every major social network?” The answer is no.

Things are different for someone like me because my job is to help you with social media. So, having many profiles is part of the deal.

With that said, my regular use of those platforms is guided by time and knowledge of my audience. For example, I do not rely on Facebook much. There are two reasons for that:

  • Most of my followers prefer other sites.
  • Reach is dangerously decreasing. It is now at 6 percent on average. And, to be honest, the pay-to-play approach would deplete my wallet in no time.

So, where am I the most active? On Twitter and Google+. Not only are you there, but I also find users much more chatty and eager to connect with others. Instagram is another platform that I enjoy using because brands (big and small) actually respond to you.

To determine which social networks you should use, you must first do some research. Find out what your audience likes and where they hang out. For example:

  • Use Pinterest search to surface trends in your niche
  • Subscribe to Google Alerts for specific keywords
  • Keep an eye on relevant Twitter hashtags with TweetDeck and HootSuite
  • Leverage Instagram search
  • Observe successful competition

Start with one platform. Take the time to look around and get acquainted with its main features. Follow interesting people and companies, interact with them, and curate valuable content. After a while, others will start following you too.

A few months later, when you are a little more comfortable, join another platform or two.

My advice: Do not try handling more than a couple of social media profiles in the beginning. Remember that your goals are to have fun and be consistent.

What are your favorite social networks? And what are your tips to use them successfully? 

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  1. says

    Hi Cendrine,

    Thank you for writing this great article. I agree with you, I’ve been doing some tests in my business and I noticed that people in Google + seem to respond more, engage more than on Facebook. I still prefer Facebook than Twitter, because it works better for my business.

    I use hash tags all the time and they are a great way to see what the trends are.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to write the article!

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