Facebook and LinkedIn release new traffic numbers

Photo credit: Nan Palmero (Flickr)

This week two major social networks reported their financial results for Q3 2013: Facebook and LinkedIn.

Quarterly announcements are important because they give social media sites the opportunity to share updated traffic numbers — and save people like me hours of work.


  • 728 million daily active users
  • 1.19 billion monthly active users
  • 507 million active daily mobile users
  • 874 million active monthly mobile users
  • $1.8 billion in advertising revenue (a 66% increase from Q3 2012)
  • 20 million small businesses have a Facebook page


  • 259+ million members
  • 142 million unique monthly visitors (184 million with SlideShare)
  • 11.6 billion page views
  • 1,500 University Pages in 60 countries

This week was also major for SoundCloud. Alexander Ljung, the CEO and co-founder of the audio distribution platform, announced a new milestone: 250 million visitors.

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