Your Facebook Page may be better off without direct messages

Photo credit: mkhmarketing (Flickr)

Brands without the Message button on their Facebook Page receive an average of 991 questions on their Timeline, compared to 195 questions for those displaying the button.

According to a recent study conducted by Socialbakers, disabling the direct message feature on your Facebook Page could increase public interactions fivefold!

The social media analytics platform mentions that this only applies to companies involved in public customer care. If members of your audience need to share personal details such as contact / payment information, you still have to rely on private touchpoints. Allowing Facebook users to message you is a good option, just like live chats or dedicated @social email accounts.

The key to a highly engaging Facebook page is to open up your conversations to your audience. To that end, your brand should already have an open Wall, as opposed to a closed Wall. […] [A]n open Wall is important for giving users the chance to have a two-sided, transparent conversation with you – and just as importantly, to let other users (not just fans) see that these conversations are happening, and how you handle them. It’s not only a best practice, it’s what many users expect from you.”

(Source: Socialbakers)

This new study comes right after Facebook announced that the platform now has more than 1 billion monthly active mobile users.

Instagram  also revealed some new numbers. The site boasts 200 million members, who have uploaded a total of 20 billion photos.

Do you allow your Facebook audience to contact you privately via your Facebook Page? Share your experience with us.


  1. Mary says

    There are people who direct message me on Facebook and do that once, or just occasionally. I don’t have an objection to that. But, almost without exception, those who do so regularly, are nuisances and usually very difficult people. The three people I’ve blocked, on Facebook, were semi-abusive, one was a bit scary. There are many who message only “Hi” and that simple word could be trouble for me, they are archived. At the risk of not getting a message I want to read, I’ve decided to disable it. The people I want to hear from know how to get messages to me without this feature.

  2. says

    Hi Cendrine,

    I too disabled my messages on my Social Media Coaching account a good 6 months ago. I found I was receiving spam type comments “I Liked your Page please Like mine” and a few other annoying types of messages. I turned off messages as a trial and the spam stopped and engagement increased. 

    I do have another Page that is all about weddings and the message function serves me well there so I guess it depends on your Page. As in all things there is no one size fits all and we should be prepared to experiment.

    Thanks for the post

  3. says

    Hi Cendrine, I kept the ‘Message’ feature open and disabled “Others Can post on your timeline’ because sometimes people write irrelevant, personal and often stupid questions and topics on the TL. This was the only way I could keep it behind closed doors and deal with it! Perhaps that is taking a toll on my page interactions? 

    • says

      Hello John,

      It really depends on the purpose of your page. You are not selling a product, so it’s a different situation. I think that closing your wall may be a good idea in your case.

  4. Joe Cheray says

    I disabled the message feature on my page almost over a month ago. I got tired of people messaging me with their spammy messages. If you want to contact me on my page there is a contact us tab to do so. :D

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