Facebook users now like an average of 40 Pages!

Photo credit: Johan Larsson via Photo Pin cc

On Monday, social media analytics platform Socialbakers released the results of a study regarding the average number of Pages Facebook users decide to follow.

In four years, the number of likes has increased by more than 880% across the globe — from 4.5 to 40! The U.S., United Kingdom, and France top the list with 70, 48, and 48 respectively.

The stats are also mind-blowing when it comes to status updates. In 2009, users saw an average of five posts in their News Feed per month. In 2013, they get 1,440!

So, the big question for Page owners is: How can I reach my audience the right way? Socialbakers gives a simple answer: Pay attention to what, how often, and when you post.

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