Feedgrabbr lets you easily create custom RSS feed widgets

Looking for a great web app to display your latest articles or news in your industry on your blog or website? Try Feedgrabbr.

Feedgrabbr allows you to build personalized RSS news widgets from several sources in minutes and then embed the result on any page of your choice.

The customization options for the free version are pretty basic (height / width, image scaling, fonts / colors, story ordering…). Further, you can only have one widget per account and mix three feeds.

The pro version ($4.95 a month) offers more flexibility:

  • 10 widgets
  • 25 RSS feeds per widget
  • Advanced layout (slider, image board, one column with headline stories, two columns, or image list)
  • No Feedgrabbr branding
  • Search filtering to show or exclude stories based on a specific keyword

Note that the widget must be embedded on the domain name you provide in the “Essential Settings” section. Otherwise, it won’t work.

To start using Feedgrabbr, visit https://feedgrabbr.com/.

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