25+ websites to find free images for your blog and projects

In this day and age, writing high-quality articles is not enough. Visitors want to be entertained visually as well.

Adding images to your content will certainly make a difference in the experience of your audience. It will also increase your chances of being found in search engine results.

“Now, how do I find great pictures without breaking my piggy bank,” you ask. Do not worry, I have just what you need! Check out the list below.

An important reminder

Read the fine print before using other people’s pictures. Each website is different, and you may need permission from photographers. And always include the sources:

Of course, feel free to use your own images. To edit them, take advantage of tools like Gimp, Google+ photo editing, Snapseed (iOS and Android app), and PicMonkey.

Important: Watermark your photos and / or include the link to your blog.

Do you know other websites that provide free photos for bloggers? 

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