Display social media testimonials on your website with GetKudos

GetKudosHave you ever received testimonials from people on social networks? If so, time to show them off in one convenient spot: Your website!

GetKudos allows you to “social proof” your brand online by picking positive mentions from your Facebook and Twitter feeds and embedding the result as a floating widget on the pages of your choice.

To start using the app, request an invitation at http://signup.getkudos.me/. Once your account has been created, log into your dashboard and add your channels. Then, on the Social Feed page (under “Curate”), click the “crown” icon to select which testimonials will appear in the widget.

After customizing your widget’s appearance and layout, visit the “Embed” page, and copy and paste the snippet of code on your site.

GetKudos is a product of Zopim.


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    Hi Cendrine,
    This looks like a very interesting feature. I’m wondering. What would you say the advantages are in using GetKudos as opposed to just asking people for testimonials and placing them directly on your website? Is there an advantage in using those posted on social media? I’m hoping you could post your response on the BizSugar community so all our members can get the benefit.

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      I would advise you do both.

      A lot of people use Twitter and Facebook to connect with brands. Displaying mentions from both social networks shows that you are paying attention to what’s being said about you.

      Think of it as an alternative to showing off your wares.

      As far as your questions about advantages is concerned, I don’t think one is better than the other. It’s just a matter of preference, I think. I use both.

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        Hi Heather and Cendrine

        Our vision for GetKudos is to let business owners showcase their favourite testimonials from their social media channels. We hope that GetKudos will enhance the credibility of the website and the product.

        As Cendrine mentioned, since a lot of people use Twitter and Facebook, GetKudos will let you curate the mentions you like best and let you display them.

        However, you cannot (as of now) add a testimonial directly to GetKudos. It must go through a Twitter or Facebook page.

        Hope that helps.


        Abhi, Team GetKudos

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    Hi Cendrine

    Thanks again for the great post. I thought I’d let you know that we released a couple of minor but much requested update to GetKudos.

    First, we have added the option to hide or minimize the GetKudos widget. If you click on the minimize icon on top of the widget, all your Kudos will be hidden and replaced by our small crown icon.

    Next, we have changed the default state of the GetKudos widget. The GetKudos widget will remain minimized until someone clicks to view your Kudos. If you don’t want it minimized, you can login to the dashboard and change the setting under Customize > Widget.

    Hope you’re enjoying GetKudos :)


    Abhi, Team GetKudos

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