Google Media Tools: A new hub for journalists

Google Media Tools

Google has recently unveiled Media Tools, a new hub for journalists.

The goal of this new initiative is to help members of the media make the most of the digital resources offered by the company.

The site is divided into six categories. Each covers specific tools and includes advice on how to use them:

  • “Gather and Organize” – Search, Trends and Analytics, Consumer Surveys, Google Drive
  • “Engage” – Google+, Hangouts on Air, YouTube
  • “Visualize” – Google Maps, Crisis Map, Earth, Fusion Tables, Charts
  • “Publish” – News, Images, Analytics, Webmaster Central, Custom Search Engine
  • “Develop” – Google App Engine, Developers Live and Academy, Android developers, YouTube Partnerships, Google Web Toolkit
  • “Additional Resources” – Google Politics & Elections, Transparency Report, Google Crisis Response

Whether it’s refining your advanced search capabilities, improving audience engagement through Google+, or learning how to visualize data using Google Maps, this website is intended to guide you through all the resources Google offers to journalists.

(Source: Google Media Tools landing page)

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