Google Search is turning 15!

Source: Official Google Search Blog

Do you remember what you were doing on September 27, 1998? Chances are that you won’t — unless your name is Larry Page or Sergey Brin. Their creation, Google Search, will be 15 this Friday.

To celebrate the event, Google has released several archival screenshots as well as an interactive timeline that shows how much the company has evolved over the years. Here are some highlights below:

  • September 15, 1997 – is officially registered as a domain.
  • 2000 – becomes available in 15 languages. Google AdWords and Google Toolbar launch.
  • 2001 – Google acquires’s Usenet Discussion Service, which will become Google Groups. Image Search launches.
  • 2002 – Birth of Google News.
  • 2003 – Google acquires Pyra Labs, the creators of Blogger. Google Print (now a.k.a. Google Books) launches.
  • 2004 – Launch of Google Local and Gmail.
  • 2005 – First YouTube video. Google Analytics is released.
  • 2006 – Google Calendar, Google Trends, and Google Translate launch. The company buys YouTube.
  • 2007 – Android is announced.
  • 2008 – Google Chrome becomes available for download.
  • 2011 – Birth of Google+.
  • 2012 – Google Drive launches.

Of course, this is only the beginning of the journey. Now that Google+ has become such a major player on the social media scene, users can expect more features and goodies in the near future, starting with the Knowledge Graph:

When you’re looking up your favorite band, you’re probably looking for other information about them, such as their songs, albums or music videos. Today’s changes make it easier for you to see this type of connected information when you search for music, movies, books, paintings and more. So now if you search for [the National songs], you’ll see a list of their songs. Simply click on one song, like “Sea of Love” and you’ll cue up the video for the song with results. If you want to switch to another title, you can easily click amongst them. If you’re interested in a movie—whether it’s a classic like “The Searchers” or something more contemporary—you’ll now see more information about the cast and related movies, directly in the Knowledge Graph.

Source: Google+ Update

For a detailed look at the latest updates, visit the Google Search Blog.

UPDATE: Check out and try hitting the swinging piñata with your stick. I scored 92. What about you?


  1. says

    Wow, 15 languages in 3 years?

    I was young (Well, younger) back then, in elementary school. So, I didn’t have much idea on what happened around the world. I do remember having an Hotmail email account (My dad had designed a few websites back then, so he was up to date on the all the changes).

    So many changes to the internet, to the world itself in last 20-30 years. It is certainly amazing how far we have came. But, we still created a lot of new problems, didn’t we? (I personally think we could solved a lot more problems if everyone had forgotten their differences and worked together).

    Oh, by the way, nice to meet you Cendrine :D I got here through Adrienne’s post (thanks to her!).

    Anyways, thanks for sharing the information, Cendrine :) Hope you have a great weekend!

    • says

      Hello Jeevan,

      Nice to meet you as well!

      In 1998, I was in my second year at university. It was also the year when I got my first email account. Like you, I used Hotmail.

      I agree with you. We could solve a lot of problems if we all stopped labelling one another and worked together.

      Thank you for your comment. Have a great weekend!

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