Need to learn more about Google? The ultimate list of resources is in this article!

There is no denying that Google has redefined the way we see and use the Internet in recent years. From Search, to YouTube, Google+, and Adsense, many of the company’s products and properties have become part of our daily lives.

How many products and properties exactly? It’s hard to tell. However, I spent a couple of hours trying to find them. The results are in the list below — with some tips and tricks thrown in the mix.

I would like this list to be as exhaustive as possible, so feel free to submit more links!


  1. says

    That’s a lot of products!

    Honestly, I think Google should just focus on improving their successful products (which is what they seem to be doing lately..but they still haven’t stopped ‘buying out’ other companies/products).

    If they are going to do that, they should at least let the service run, instead of shutting it down (like they did with several services such as Pixlr).

    Anyways, thank you for the share, Cendrine :) Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas!

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