Happy birthday, Skype!

a white version of skype

a white version of skype (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Skype has just turned 10!  Microsoft’s voice communication service was launched on August 29, 2003.

Here are some stats to celebrate this milestone:

Want to know how Skype has changed the way we communicate? Check out the infographic below.

SkypeSkype’s 10th Anniversary Infographic, by Skype


  1. Adrienne says

    Hi Cendrine,

    Wow, Skype turned 10. I didn’t realize it was their birthday! I guess I’ve been using them probably four or five years now. Not as much since Google Hangouts came on the scene because they just seem to be easier for most.

    I shot a video a few years back on how to use Skype and it’s one of my most popular ones still. I love to make things easy for people and it really is a simple program to use. I guess some are still intimidated a little. My Mom even uses it if you can believe that and she’s 88 years old. Okay, I got her set up but she can do face to face with her grandchildren. How cool is that.

    Thanks for sharing this and happy belated birthday Skype. Glad that they’re still around.


    • says

      Hello Adrienne and thank you for stopping by!

      Skype and Google Hangouts serve two different purposes, I think.

      My grandmother is 82 and she uses Skype occasionally. Older people are not as technologically challenged as we would want to believe. ;-)

      Share the link to your tutorial here, please.

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