If you have worked as a freelancer… (Video)

… or in any business that requires dealing directly with clients, you will probably relate to this video in more ways than one.

The reason why professionals deliver great service is no secret. We have invested a lot of time and efforts into perfecting our skills. After all, if things were that easy, everyone would be able to do what we do, right?

So, when clients try the bargaining approach because they “didn’t budget for it,” a lot of us feel taken for granted and disrespected.

If you want quality, you have to be willing to pay for it. Otherwise, the shortcuts you take will eventually backfire on you.

And, business owners, please remember to value your work. You owe it to yourself and your industry.

Video produced by Scofield Editorial, Inc.


  1. says

     It is very funny and I can’t tell you that  it’s been said to me so many times that people want me to take a 10% of the cost .. instead of the full price…. or do it for free. I do not work for free– particularly  when I do labor intensive  content creation like podcasts & video

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