Jauntful helps you create personalized travel guides

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Today, I’d like to introduce you to a service that was not created for businesses per say but that you could actually use to your advantage.

Picture this. Someone sends a Tweet asking for ideas of things to do and see in your area. How nice would it be to send them a personalized guide that they can carry anywhere — and gain a new fan in the process?

Jauntful lets you do just that in a few minutes. It’s free to use.

Each guide can feature up to 15 venues. To add a location, enter a name (restaurant, business, museum, monument, etc.) in the search bar, pin it directly on the map, add the address manually, or import it from a list in your Foursquare account. You can also include notes with your recommendations.

Here is a short list of features:

  • Automatic inclusion of available information on locations (address, website, phone number…).
  • Google Maps integration to look up directions.
  • Satellite view of locations.
  • Updates when someone uses / likes / dislikes your tips.
  • The ability to: choose your own pictures for each item, limit guide visibility, print the guides, view them on any device, embed them on websites, and share them on social networks and by email.

Printed documents also include your profile information at the bottom.

And if you are looking for travelling tips yourself, check out the Discover page.

As an example of what you can achieve, look at the guide I created for Venice, the Italian city I will visit this summer.

Things to do in Venice

To start using Jauntful, visit https://jauntful.com.

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