Tweet without worrying about the 140-character limit anymore

Imagine having to explain what your company does to someone or giving complex answers to questions on Twitter. Not easy, right?

Well, good news! Here is a little tool that will solve the problem for you.

Little Pork Chop slices long written content into 140-character chunks and publish them for you, one tweet at a time.

Little Pork Chop is very easy to use. All you have to do is visit, sign in to your Twitter account, and type your message. Edit and tweak it to your heart’s content and press the blue button.

All your Tweets will be numbered and posted as a thread, so it’s easier for people to follow and take part in the conversation. For example:

Other features include the ability to:

• Post the Tweets in reverse chronological order
• Change the text after the number at the beginning of each tweet
• Exclude the Tweets from the public feed
• Change the post timing between Tweets
• Automatically include a hashtag at the end of each Tweet

To access the features, click the wheel icon under your Twitter username in your dashboard.

According to Dave Winer, the creator of Little Pork Chop, the information is just stored on your computer. When you sign off, everything is erased.


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing such an useful tool. I am sure this will make tweeting more interesting. Sometime, the limitation of 140 characters create problem for me especially when my blog post titles are above 140. Everytime, i rewrite titles in order to share them properly on my twitter profile. I really first-time came across with this tool and i liked it.

  2. says

    One of the very few irritating things about Twitter is the limit of 140 characters per tweet. It becomes extremely hard especially when you try to share a link with your Twitter friends. Well , it’s good to a certain extend because ‘ Short Tweets ” looks clean and perfect or in other words there is hope for spammers :) 
    There are times in which 140 characters aren’t enough to convey your message and so we can break the rules and use online tools like these :) 

    I’ve never tried this tool. Well, I feel TallTweets is the best online tool to tweet in more than 140 characters. Have you heard of Tall Tweets ? 

    Thanks for sharing :) See’ya around ! 


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