How can I make money with my YouTube channel? (Video)

Whenever someone asks me how they can monetize their blogs, I always answer that the activity alone will never make them rich. First, you must lay down the foundations by working hard to provide good content for your readers. Once trust and visibility have been built, sales will happen. Clients will hire you.

You cannot make a living from a blog or a YouTube channel. The best tools in the world will not do anything for your bottom line if you skip the most important part of the equation: your audience. That’s where everything starts.

Without an audience, you have no business.

“You monetize people because they have the ability to spend money,” says Amy Schmittauer, the founder of Savvy Sexy social. “If you think anything else, you probably believe the stuff grows on trees too. […] If you’re asking how to monetize your videos, you’re probably already doing it wrong. Think bigger. Think about your BRAND.”

One of the best videos I have watched in a long time!

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