Mashpedia, a real-time discovery engine for the classroom and journalists

Mashpedia a free topic-based encyclopedia that fetches content from many different sources (Wikipedia, Google, Twitter, Digg, YouTube…) to bring you the best results in real-time and in one spot. The site is available in three languages — English, Spanish and Portuguese.

To start using Mashpedia, visit and enter a topic of interest in the search box (e.g., new media, Cloud computing, iPhone, World War II, Stephen Hawkins…). You can also click on one of the suggestions. The results page is divided into five categories: Videos, Wikipedia, News, Comments from Facebook, and What’s Hot.

Mashpedia is not a Search Engine: Mashpedia provides content only for specific topics such as concepts, subjects, personalities, events, places, companies, products, etc., but not for broader, unspecific searches.

(Source: About page)


  1. says

    I am always looking for more ways to learn things online (encyclopedias are kind of boring..I love videos more. I have an hour a day dedicated to educational videos and documentaries. I love documentaries!). Anyways, I will check this one out, especially since it is online.

    Thanks for sharing, Cendrine :D Hope you are having a good week!

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