This trick will allow you to easily track who shares your content on Google+

Those who have used Google+ for a while are aware of its powerful search functionality. With it, you can see posts from Plussers as well as trending content found elsewhere on the Internet.

Do you know that you can use Search to keep an eye on discussions around your content on the social platform? Let me show you how with this quick tutorial.


The next time you want to see who has shared your stuff on Google+, all you have to do is click the bookmarked link. Search results are updated automatically.

Things to remember:

  • Google+ Search will only return results for public posts and posts that have been shared with you.
  • The level of visibility of your profile has no bearing on your public posts. They remain searchable. And content shared with specific circles / people people will only be visible to those people and circles.

  • For more accurate results, do not just search for your name and/or the name of your blog. Use your domain name as well.

What you should do if someone has mentioned you

Leave a thank you note or comment under the post and start engaging. Google+ makes it very easy to network and connect with great people!

I hope this little tip helped.


  1. says

    Hi Cendrine, there’s always more than one way to skin a cat! Thanks for sharing this tip. I use a bookmarklet from AJ Kohn for finding ripples when I want to see the Google+ shares. Share tally is another tool I use for this. 


  2. says

    While reading this post, I was thinking about why I would need this (then I got it: Not everyone would actually share the post me…some may just say my name, but don’t include the actual profile).

    In that case, this feature would be really helpful.

    Thank you for the tip, Cendrine :)

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