Is MySpace making a comeback?

Back in January 2013, when MySpace relaunched in open beta, many wondered if it would be able to rise from its ashes. Apparently, things are going quite well!

The company has released some stats that show steady growth. Here they are below:

  • 36 million users, including 14.2 million artists
  • MySpace has gained 12 million members in almost nine months
  • 53 million tracks and videos available
  • Over 13,000 songs uploaded daily

The numbers may not be stellar compared to what we are used to with Facebook and Google+. However, it’s nice to see the former giant make the news once again. Only time will tell if it is here to stay…

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  1. says

    Wow, I didn’t even hear about the relaunch (Then again, I wasn’t really active back then. I had quit blogging in Sept 2012 to make room for my studies). Well, it is always good to know that they are growing :D I doubt that they can catch up to other networks – FB and G+ are too big now. But, then again, there is no problem in dreaming. It is the first step towards success, right? :)

    Anyways, Good luck to Myspace!

    Thanks for sharing the news, Cendrine!

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