Turn your Google+ stream into a blog with +Plusses

If you love Google+, here is a service that will make you love it even more: +Plusses.

+Plusses is a hosted blogging platform that displays all your posts in a minimal and easy-to-read format. All your photos, videos, and links are included. And if you are looking for engagement metrics (likes, shares, comments), you will find them next to each item.

The service comes with two themes, and the ability to choose the number of posts to display per page and decide which updates will make it on your blog. 

Even though +Plusses is free, a $15 donation will give you access to a few more features: a vanity URL,  an RSS feed, and lifetime hosting on the website.

To start using Plusses, sign up with your Google+ account at http://www.pluss.es.

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