The real purpose of a website

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For the last eight years, I have observed websites in many industries to understand how successful design works. This has not just helped me build my hub to be as useful to my audience as possible, but it has also allowed me to advise clients with theirs.

Early on, I realized that many sites I visited had the same problem. Unfortunately, at the time, I was unable to pinpoint exactly what it was. That was until someone contacted me for a constructive review of their site.

The potential was there but there was also a lot of room for improvement. For example, each page had a different font and menu. The moving graphics were distracting. And there was no social bookmarking button. The problem clearly was inconsistency and a lack of interactive content.

After sharing my thoughts with the owner, I asked them about the design. “My goal was to show the world how multi-layered I am. I wanted to share my vision of life,” they said.

I could finally put into words the problem I had noticed!

When building a website, remember that it is not about your personal tastes. It is about your visitors.

A great website creates a memorable experience that will entice people to inquire further and follow you. You do not need to reinvent the wheel to achieve that result.

You need to focus on what those people want, first.

A “why” without a “whom” is like a seed without water. It will never grow and be seen.

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