Tired of seeing annoying things on Twitter and Facebook? Rather to the rescue!

Rather is a Chrome extension that blocks unwanted stuff in your feeds and replaces it with Instagram photos that you may be more interested in seeing.

After installing the extension, click the “r” icon in your browser to bring the Rather dialog box, then type a keyword, search for a list, or check suggestions. You can also get rid of upcoming events (e.g. Movember, Christmas, Olympics, Ted Talks) and specific services like Vine, Upworthy, Nike+, Gawker, Instagram, and Mashable.

To refine results, click an item in your kill list and enter more keywords.

Unsure of what you would like to see as replacement? Visit the Feeds section or mute everything to hide the posts. Additionally, you can turn Rather off for specific lists on Facebook and/or Twitter.

And if you feel like seeing the messages behind the pictures, just click the “Undo” button at the top.

To start using Rather, visit the Chrome Web Store.

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  1. says

    I don’t use FB that much (except for keeping myself updates on latest comics news, but I use interest lists for that).

    But, I could use this on Twitter (although I don’t get that many annoying tweets on Twitter..since most of the folks I follow are other bloggers and marketers).

    Anyways, thanks for the share, Cendrine! Appreciate it. Have a great weekend!

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