Rewordify helps you understand complex language

Reading is a fun activity — unless you keep having to open a dictionary every two minutes.

Let me introduce you to Rewordify. Created by Neil M. Goldman, the tool helps students understand complex passages by rephrasing hard words and phrases. It also works with entire websites.

To use Rewordify, visit For a page or site, just copy and paste the link in your browser into the yellow box and click the “Rewordify web site” button.

The simplified page will have a box in the top left: web page info box

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To add text, just copy and paste (or type) the content into the yellow box and click the “Rewordify text” button.

Note that you can always change the way the result is displayed by visiting your “Settings” (top of page). For example, if you don’t like the yellow highlighting, why not go for a dotted underline instead? Or what about a two-column layout to compare the original to the rewordified text? You can also teach the site to skip words you already know.

Don’t forget to check out the “Read” section for a huge list of classics, websites, and online articles that have already been rewordified for students!

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