An easy tip to rock Twitter chats from TweetDeck

Twitter chats are one of the most fun and efficient ways to build relationships with your peers and audience on Twitter.

Regular attendants use tools like TweetChat and Unfortunately, technology will sometimes behave like an unruly child, preventing you from enjoying the discussions. So, what can be done when such things happen? TweetDeck to the rescue!

TweetDeck’s most powerful feature is the ability to create columns. You can use them to monitor mentions around your name and blog, direct messages, Lists, Custom Timelines, trending topics and hashtags, new followers, and searches. And each comes with a set of filters (engagement, users, type of content…) that allows you to surface tailored results.

Twitter chats are notorious for moving at lightning speed. Turning your eyes away from your dashboard for a few seconds could result in your missing a few important Tweets and mentions.

Things do not have to be that way, though. Just use several columns to follow the chat.

In the animated GIF below, I show you how to create two: one for the general chat and one for mentions of your handle.

Feeling like following a specific participant? You can do that! And if would rather not see retweets in your stream, there is an option for that as well. Just click the following at the top right of your column:  The filter is located in the “Content” section.

Remember to include the hashtag in each of your Tweets, as TweetDeck does not automate the process. Now, you are set!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. :-)


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