‘Humanrithm’ and curation: Scoop.it launches new iteration

The new Scoop.it is finally here!

The result of a community-driven initiative, the revamped platform aims at making content and users more easily discoverable through the implementation of interest channels.

These channels feature magazines that have been highly recommended by top curators — users who demonstrate quality and consistent curation.

How do we build these channels? By means of the humanrithm: when your curation reaches a certain quality score (based on activity, freshness and engagement) our algorithm invites you to categorize it into an interest channel (the algorithm even suggests possible channels, based on semantic analysis).

When one of your topics becomes eligible to join an interest channel, you are rewarded with additional power: The power to recommend other curator’s topics!

Recommending a topic contributes to its quality score. It helps it grow toward an interest channel! And of course, topics in the channels are also sorted by quality score (you’ll see silver and golden badges attached to the best topics). Recommending a topic makes it shine even more!

(Source: Scoop.it Blog)

Launched publicly in 2011, Scoop.it is the brainchild of Guillaume Decugis and Marc Rougier. To date, members have curated 50 million content pieces to their magazines. 

For more information on the new Scoop.it, read this article.

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