Make embeddable screenshots of pages in seconds with Curate.Us

Clipped from is a tool that allows you to create screenshots of websites and formatted quotes from published content in one click — with a link back to the source. You can customize the size of the clip, attach a note to it, and decide which part of the page you want to show.

The result can be shared pretty much anywhere (including Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter) or embedded on a blog or website.

Here is how works for sites and pages. Click to see the full-screen version.

To make things even easier and faster, don’t forget to install the “Make Clip” button into your browser. For quotes, all you have to do is select the text and click the button.

Note that screenshots are permanently stored on Curate.Us, and hence easily accessible if the website or page your clipped goes offline.

To start using Curate.Us, visit

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