The latest in social media (June 2014)

Wondering if you missed any big announcement in the social media universe in June? The answer lies below.


Do you still have questions about the decline in organic reach on Facebook? Brian Boland, the VP of Ads Product Marketing, has some answers for you:

  • Too much competition for exposure in News Feed: “There is now far more content being made than there is time to absorb it. On average, there are 1,500 stories that could appear in a person’s News Feed each time they log onto Facebook. For people with lots of friends and Page likes, as many as 15,000 potential stories could appear any time they log on.”
  • Facebook only wants to surface high-quality content for users: “Rather than showing people all possible content, News Feed is designed to show each person on Facebook the content that’s most relevant to them.”

Boland states that paid reach gives brands more predictable and accurate results. You can read the entire article here.

Other announcements this month:

  • New video interactive components for advertisers: “video views” goal for campaigns and calls-to-action. And those who use Facebook’s reach and frequency buying can also manage audience sizes and the frequency their ads will be show to those audiences.
  • Enhanced Custom Audiences from websites: targeted audience building and Facebook Pixel Helper.

  • Multi-product ads (via the Facebook ads API): Businesses can showcase three products within a single ad unit.

  • Updated Embedded Posts: Photos and videos now appear above text and publishers can save their default widths.

  • Watch-time factor added to the News Feed algorithm for videos directly uploaded to the social network: “People who tend to watch more video in News Feed should expect to see more videos near the top of their Feed. Conversely, people who tend to skip over videos without watching them should expect to see fewer videos.” 

  • Psychology experiment released: For a week in January 2012, Facebook secretly altered the news feed of more than 680,000 English-speaking users to expose them to “emotional expressions.”   “This tested whether exposure to emotions led people to change their own posting behaviors, in particular whether exposure to emotional content led people to post content that was consistent with the exposure—thereby testing whether exposure to verbal affective expressions leads to similar verbal expressions, a form of emotional contagion.”

  • Google

    Google introduced Google My Business. The free tool allows brands to update their information on Google Search, Maps, Google+, or mobile from one single account. It also comes with the new Insights for Pages, which offers important metrics to monitor your presence on Google+ (content views and page impressions over time, engagement, and follower demographics).

    Screenshot credit: Google+

    Google My Business also allows you to see information on your related Google Analytics account and YouTube channel, and create and track performance of AdWords Express campaigns. Verified businesses get additional benefits, such as the ability to respond to reviews from customers and access data on how people found them. For more information, visit the Help Center.

    Photo credit: Google and Your Business Blog

    If your Google+ Page is not registered as a local business or place, know that you can connect it to Google Maps. The page will keep its followers, posts, and managers. However, it must be verified and should have an address, while meeting Google’s quality guidelines. For more information, visit the Help Center.

    Google+ turned 3 on June 28.

    You can now delete a file from Docs, Sheets, and Slides without leaving the editor. Also, did you notice the new Google Drive interface?


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    Google for Nonprofits is available in Canada.

    Extreme Public Alerts now show relevant data from Twitter.

    Suspended accounts have been removed from YouTube channels’ subscriber counts. Users also have a new messaging system to play with. For example, you can send messages to your favorite creators directly from their About page. And a spam detection filter has been added.

    Note that the old messaging system is now on read-only mode and will be shuttered in a few weeks. However, you can download all your Inbox content.

    YouTube has also improved its commenting system. You can choose to view comments from your subscribers, check for popular comments across your channel, or review comments for a specific video. The review process is easier as well. And if you are looking for specific comments, you can use the new search box.

    More features are coming for the video-sharing site: royalty-free sound effects, support for 48 and 60 frames per second, fan funding, creator credits, fan translation, and more ways to create playlists.

    In other news, Google is testing a domain registration service. Google Authorship is also changing. Search results will not show profile photos and circle counts anymore.

    Orkut will close on September 30.


    LinkedIn’s new search architecture is here. Dubbed “Galene,” its goal is to offer members faster, tailored results based on their personal information.

    Traditional Chinese is now supported on LinkedIn.


    Pinterested announced two new tools for business accounts. The first one, called do-it-yourself Promoted Pins is still being tested with a select group of U.S.-based brands, but will be available on a cost-per-click basis at

    The analytics service is also getting a refresh:

    In addition to seeing what people are Pinning from your website, you’ll also be able to see how Pins from your Pinterest profile are performing. We’ll tell you which of your Pins and boards are driving the most impressions, clicks and repins. We’ll also clue you in to Pins that drive engagement across different platforms.

    You’ll be able to see the updated analytics tool on We’re rolling it out slowly to make sure everything works, but all business accounts should get access soon.

    (Source: Pinterest for Business Blog)

    The company also rolled out Guided Search for the web.

    Finally, place search has been improved.


    Need a translation on Twitter? The site has added Bing’s feature to its mobile apps and on the web. Bing now also shows tweets, profiles and trending hashtags in search results. 

    The company is also testing a new programme with a select group of users. Twitter All Access offers an array of benefits, including access to Twitter Ads experts, complimentary ad credit, free events and webinars, and exclusive Twitter content.



    Facebook Messenger – Ability to record and send 15-second videos.

    Facebook for iPad (U.S. only) – Trending topics and videos, and popular games in the right sidebar (landscape mode).

    Facebook Paper – Profile picture and cover photo editing, photo tags, mentions, trending section, hashtag, and more

    Facebook Pages Manager – Easier access to admin tools, quicker navigation to Page Activity and Insights…

    Google+ for iOS – Stories and advanced photo editing tools.

    Hangouts on Android – Ringtone customization for each Hangout, layout support for right-to-left languages…

    Youtube Creator Studio – analytics, video, message, and comment management…  

    WordPress for Android – Blog discovery, faster notifications and stats refresh, and contextual text button (replaces the publish icon button).

    RebelMouse for iOS and Android

    Instagram for iOS and Android – New editing tools (filter strength, brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth…)

    Flickr for iOS – Album sharing via Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS, addition and edition of tags and description…

    Skype for iOS

    WeChat for Android – New translation and “Groups with Password” features.

    WeChat for iOS – Tags for contacts and ability to recall the last message you sent within two minutes


    Slingshot (Facebook) – “Shoot a photo or video of what you’re up to and sling it to a bunch of friends. They won’t be able to see your shot until they sling something to you. Tap on a shot to react, or simply swipe it away.”

    LinkedIn Job Search app for iPhone

    eBay Valet – “Turn your extra stuff into cash! eBay Valet is a new and simple way to sell your stuff on eBay. Find your items’ worth, send them in and valets take care of selling them for you on eBay.”

    Path Talk – Messages automatically erased after 24 hours, “ambient location”,  content editing with a single tap, stickers, and voice messaging.

    Yahoo Aviate – “Aviate automatically simplifies and intelligently organizes your phone, only showing you the apps and information you need as you need them, throughout your day.”

    Daily by Buffer  – “Each day we’ll give you a new batch of articles and posts we think you’ll really like. Check ’em out, then swipe right on content you love and left on what you wanna skip (or use the handy buttons if you’d rather). Your picks will automatically join your Buffer queue to be shared with your fans and followers!”

    More social media news

    Canva has added the ability to create Google+ cover photos.

    The new version of Google+ Circles management platform Circloscope is out!

    Facebook monitoring service Hyper Alerts will close on July 11, 2014.

    Integration with Facebook and Google is over for Flickr. You now need to have a Yahoo account to use the photo-sharing website.

    HootSuite has a new design and logo. The company has also redesigned its App Directory.

    Instagram Ads will soon expand to Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 

    Jelly launched Replies.

    Klout has a new browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. It can be used to schedule content to share on social networks and adds Klout Scores on Twitter.

    Moz released its redesigned SEO toolbar. MozBar 3.0 integrates with Chrome and includes the following features: enhanced SERP analysis, social metrics, link metrics, semantic markup, keyword difficulty scores, and on-page analysis. 

    NeedTagger closed down on June 30.

    Pro users can now autopost to Facebook and LinkedIn Company Pages.

    Quora is experimenting with organizational accounts.

    RebelMouse redesigned its post editor. Features include the ability to:

    – Pull in the best image or GIF automatically. Type your headline and RebelMouse will automatically help you find the perfect photo to go with it to make your post pop. Just type a headline and a related GIF or image will populate the post, making your post stand out with stunning full-width photographic images.
    – Dynamically add content, videos, photos and more as you’re typing. Expand any link into a rich media addition to your post. Bring in Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram pics, YouTube and Vine videos and just about anything by pasting the link in the post.
    – Smart cropping of photos to work in every screen size and placement. Our cropping algorithms choose the right crop size for images in different window sizes and placement. Then, to top it off, our crop tool lets you change these crops to fit perfectly with your image.
    – See a live, gorgeous preview as you’re editing your post. As you’re typing, you’ll see the post just the way it will look live on your site. Our new post aesthetic makes your content look as good as it deserves to.
    – Easily share your post anywhere. When you’re done creating content, we make it easier to share it anywhere on the social web and your site.

    (Source: RebelMouse Blog)

    Technorati launched its redesigned website and removed its blog ranking system: “[T]hat technology is being redesigned and optimized to help publishers get discovered by advertisers and earn more for their highly-valued content.” 

    Wikipedia has changed its Terms of Use to force its editors to disclose paid contributions.

    WordPress has a new free theme: Bosco

    Yelp added the ability to message businesses that have claimed their free business owner’s account directly from their page. The new feature comes with emails to which they can respond without logging into their account.

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