Social media in numbers (July 2014)

Looking for some social media stats to use for your strategy or in your next presentation? You will find what you need in the list below.


30 million active business Pages (19 million managed via mobile) (Facebook)

69 million active users in Indonesia (Tech In Asia)

13.2 million users in Australia (FRANK Media)

3.1 million users in Norway (eMarketer)

71 percent of online U.S. adults use Facebook (International Business Time)

Facebook accounts for 24 percent of all mobile time spent (comScore

News content on Facebook generates 24.8 million likes, comments, and shares daily (Newswhip)


At 48 percent, YouTube reaches more Millennials than any cable network (Think with Google)

YouTube demographics in the U.K.: (GlobalWebIndex)

  • Ages 16-64 – 20 percent is active
  • Largest age groups: 16-24 and 25-34 (28 percent each)
  • Smallest age group: 55-64 (8 percent)

Google+ has 1.6 billion users (Business 2 Community)

65,000 monthly active G+ users in Australia (FRANK Media)

1.2 million G+ users in Norway. 20 percent are active daily (eMarketer)

Users spend an average of 7 minutes on the Plus every month (Business 2 Community)

53 percent of interactions between Plussers and brands are positive (Business 2 Community)

1 billion people use Android-powered devices. They send 20 billion text messages daily. (Android)

190 million active users in Google Drive (Google OS)

Google in real-time:

google in real timecourtesy of


67,000 photos uploaded every minute (

17 percent of online U.S. adults use Instagram (International Business Time)

Instagram is the favorite social network for teenagers (23 percent) (Business 2 Community)

50 million new members in the last six months (Business 2 Community)

1.7 million users in Thailand (International Business Time)

1.6 million users in Australia (FRANK Media)

55 percent of Norwegians ages 18-29 use Instagram (eMarketer)

Male/Female ratios: (MarketingProfs)

  • Thailand – 35/65 percent
  • Philippines – 36/64 percent
  • Vietnam – 38/62 percent
  • Russia – 40/60 percent
  • Belarus – 31/59 percent
  • Saudi Arabia – 85/15 percent
  • Iran – 82/18 percent
  • India – 75/25 percent
  • Azerbaidjan – 73/27 percent
  • Unted Arab Emirates – 72/28 percent

53 percent of women follow the top 50 brands (MarketingProfs)

May 2014: (Socialbakers)

  • Top 5 industries by post engagement rate – fast-moving consumer goods (7.12 percent), household goods (5.95 percent), airlines (5.53 percent), electronics (5.49 percent), and auto (5.45 percent)
  • Top 5 brands by post engagement rate – Lego (9.47 percent), Adidas Football (9.04 percent), Essence Cosmetics (8.49 percent), Nike Football (7.32 percent), and Taco Bell (7.04 percent)


3.7 million members in Australia (FRANK Media)


Drives 7.10 percent of referral traffic (Brandwatch)

More than 1 billion travel Pins (Official Pinterest Engineering Blog)

3,400 pins every minute (

Daily active demographics: (AdWeek)

  • 15-29 years old – 35 percent
  • 30-39 years old – 28 percent
  • 40-49 years old – 12 percent
  • 50-59 years old – 16 percent
  • 60+ years old – 9 percent

380,000 users in Australia (FRANK Media)

53 million monthly active users in the U.S. (Forbes)

28 percent of users make more than $100,000 a year (Brandwatch)

38 percent of all Pinterest users bought something because they saw it on the platform (AdWeek)

39 percent of members use Pinterest as a search engine (AdWeek)

Almost 7 out of 10 online visitors have found an item they have purchased or wanted to purchase on Pinterest (Brandwatch)

75 percent of Pinterest activity is mobile (AdWeek)

54 percent of all clicks on pins land on blogs (AdWeek)


70 percent of users are female (Business 2 Community)

5 percent of all selfies are shared on Snapchat (Business 2 Community)

50 percent of Norway-based smart phone users use the app (Business 2 Community)

277,000 snaps every minute (


195.4 million blogs and 83.1 billion posts (Tumblr)

120,000 new signups daily (CNN)

91.6 million posts per day (Tumblr)

68 percent of traffic comes from outside the U.S. (Tumblr)

1.16 billion weekly page views (Digital Marketing Ramblings)

14 percent of U.S. users ages 18-29 years old have a Tumblr account (Mashable)


18 percent of online U.S. adults use Twitter (International Business Time)

Demographics: (International Business Time)

  • 15-19 years old – 31 percent
  • 20-24 years old – 35 percent
  • 25-29 years old – 15 percent
  • 30-34 years old – 7 percent
  • 35-39 years old – 4 percent

More than 30 percent of Twitter’s userbase is located in the Asia-Pacific region (International Business Time)

2.5 million active users in Australia (FRANK Media)

67 percent of company mentions happen on Twitter (

30.7 percent of Tweets that mention brands do not include their handles (

6 out of 10 company mentions are posted outside of business hours (


77 percent of Internet users read blogs (Business 2 Community)

More than 12 million people blog via social networks (Business 2 Community)

36 percent of Internet users ages 16-64 write personal blogs (GlobalWebIndex)

15 percent of bloggers post product and brand reviews (GlobalWebIndex)

Companies with a blog have 97 percent more inbound links than others (Business 2 Community)

1,800 WordPress posts published every minute (

Mobile usage

49 percent of all emails are read on mobile phones (

67 percent of users access the Internet via mobile devices (GlobalWebIndex)

26 percent of users buy products via mobiles (GlobalWebIndex)

Mobile accounts for 60 percent of total digital media time spent (comScore

Social networking generates more than 70 percent of its activity on mobile (comScore

A branded site that is not mobile optimized is an engagement deterrent for half of users (Think with Google)

74 percent of people are more likely to return to a site if it is mobile-friendly (Think with Google)

Mobile web traffic is expected to account for half of the US Internet traffic by 2017 (Brickfish)

Mobile search will generate 27.8 billion more queries than desktop search by 2016 (Brickfish)

Miscellaneous social media stats

500px: 2.5 million users (Digital Marketing Ramblings) 200,000 users (Digital Marketing Ramblings)

DeviantArt: 32 million members (Digital Marketing Ramblings)

Flickr: 92 million users (Digital Marketing Ramblings)

MySpace: 36 million users (Digital Marketing Ramblings) – 165,000 in Australia (FRANK Media)

Quora: 2.9 million unique users (Digital Marketing Ramblings)

Reddit: 114.5 monthly unique users, 3 million redditors (Reddit)

SlideShare: 60 million users (Digital Marketing Ramblings)

3.2 billion email accounts globally (

Organic search and emails are the most effective channels for ecommerce user acquisition (respectively 15.8 and 7 percent) (

Young adults (ages 18-24) are the most likely to skip online video content (Marketing Land)

According to 46 percent of users, video ads should not last more than 15 seconds (Marketing Land)

Personalization plays a role in purchasing decisions for more than 8 out of 10 customers (Gigya)

More than 8 out of 10 of US client-side marketers use likes, clickthrough and Retweets to measure the effectiveness of their social content (eMarketer)

91 percent of social media mentions come from people who have fewer than 500 followers (

36 percent of social media mentions are not in English (

60 seconds online: 70 registered domain names, 1,800 WordPress posts, 571 new websites, 25,000 items purchased on… (

Social, Digital & Mobile in The Middle East, North Africa & Turkey

Social, Digital & Mobile in India

Socialbakers’ Social Marketing Reports (June 2014)

Ecommerce in Real Time

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What People Share on Social Networks – Statistics and Trends

What People Share On Social Networks - Statistics and Trends

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