Social media in numbers (June 2014)

Looking for some social media stats to use for your strategy or in your next presentation? You will find what you need in the list below.


6 percent decrease in active userbase between Q3 2013 and Q1 2014 (GlobalWebIndex)

Outside of China, 82 percent of Internet users (ages 16-64) have a Facebook account (GlobalWebIndex)

Facebook is used by 36 percent of children living in the U.K. (ages 8-15) (YouGov)

Facebook accounts for 14.76 percent of mobile traffic in North America (Statista)

Almost 6 out of 10 active Facebook users log in more than once a day (GlobalWebIndex)

92 percent of marketers use Facebook for advertising (Socialbakers)

Almost 5 out of 10 online customers expect brands to provide customer service on Facebook (Buffer Blog)

18.5 percent of questions posted on Pages receive answers within two hours (Quintly)

More than six out of questions posted on Pages receive no answer (Quintly)

Friday is the worst day for customer service: 63.5 percent of requests are not addressed (Quintly)

Facebook has lost 9 percent of active U.K. users in the last year (YouGov)

72% of online adults visit Facebook at least once a month (Business 2 Community)

75% of the engagement on a post happens within 5 hours of publication (Business 2 Community)

60 seconds on Facebook: 243,000 photos uploaded, 50,000 links shared, 3.1+ million likes, 500 new accounts, and 3.2 million posts (Inside Facebook)


10 percent increase in Google+ account memberships since last year (GlobalWebIndex)

54 percent of marketers use Google+ (Social Media Examiner)

20 million unique mobile users visit Google+ every month (

28 percent of people in the 15-35 age range are on Google+ (

53 percent of interactions between G+ users and brands are positive (Business 2 Community)

8 percent decrease in active YouTube userbase between Q3 2013 and Q1 2014 (GlobalWebIndex)

YouTube accounts for 17.26 percent of mobile traffic in North America (Statista)

YouTube is the most popular social media site among teenagers (ages 8-15)  in the U.K. (41 percent) (YouGov)

YouTube around the world:

Infographic created by YouTube Downloader.


25 percent increase in active userbase between Q3 2013 and Q1 2014 (GlobalWebIndex)

More than 100 million active users outside of China (GlobalWebIndex)

1.5 million users in Thailand (Business 2 Community)

Some of the most popular Instagram hahstags include #love, #instagood, #cute, #followme, #instadaily, #summer, and #amazing. For the complete list, visit Socially Stacked.


6 million members in Australia (LinkedIn)

77 percent of all jobs are posted on LinkedIn (Search Engine Journal)

1/3 of all professionals in the world have an account (LinkedIn Blog)

51 percent of brands on LinkedIn have acquired a B2C customer (LinkedIn Blog)


7 percent increase in active userbase between Q3 2013 and Q1 2014 (GlobalWebIndex)

75 percent of activity is mobile (Ahalogy)

22 percent of the U.S. population is active on Pinterest (Ahalogy)

49 percent of active users are under the age of 40 (Ahalogy)

38 percent of active users have made a purchase online or offline because of something they saw on Pinterest (Ahalogy)

More than 4 out of 10 active users prefer Pinterest to reading magazines and browsing catalogues (Ahalogy)

39 percent of active users prefer Pinterest to traditional search engines (Ahalogy)

27 percent of active users are currently following a brand on Pinterest (Ahalogy)

Pinned blogs, photos, and articles are more likely to be clicked than brand or shopping sites (Ahalogy)

Most popular categories by day of the week: fitness (Monday), technology (Tuesday), inspirational quotes (Wednesday), fashion (Thursday), humor (Friday), travel (Saturday), food / craft ideas (Sunday) (Pinterest Blog)


22 percent increase in active userbase between Q3 2013 and Q1 2014 (GlobalWebIndex)

230 million monthly active users (We Are Social)


More than 390 million accounts are not follower by anyone (Business 2 Community)

7 percent increase in account members since last year (GlobalWebIndex)

Twitter has lost 10 percent of active U.K. users in the past year (YouGov)

A quarter of users are 50 and over (SocialTimes)

Tweets between 71 and 100 characters get retweeted the most (Business 2 Community)

Including quotation marks increases RT chances by 30 percent (Business 2 Community)

A Tweet receives half of its retweets within the first 24 minutes of publication (Business 2 Community)

The number of active users in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding China) is projected to reach 94.3 million in 2015 and 155.3 million in 2018 (Statista)

Mobile usage 

Unique mobile users around the world: 3.5+ billion (We Are Social)

Mobile traffic accounts for 17 percent of all global traffic (Quantcast)

Smartphones generate 53 percent more pageviews than tablets (Quantcast) Half of emails are opened on mobile devices (

80 percent of consumers will delete an email if it does not display well on their device (

81 percent of conversions from mobile happen within five hours of search (Entrepreneur)

Millennials check their smartphones 43 times and share six pieces of content via social media every day (Marketing Pilgrim)

The daily peak time for mobile search frequency is between 8 p.m. and midnight (Entrepreneur)

By 2019, videos will account for almost half the global mobile data traffic (Dazeinfo)

WeChat: 396 million monthly active users (Tencent)

Outside of China, WeChat’s gobal user numbers increased by 1,099 percent (GlobalWebIndex)

Qzone: 644 million monthly active users (Tencent)

QQ: 848 million active users (We Are Social)

WhatsApp: 500 million active users (We Are Social)

SnapChat: 7 out of 10 users are women (Business 2 Community)

Miscellaneous social media stats

Global Internet population: 2.9+ billion (1.97 billion are active) (We Are Social)

Social media penetration around the world: 27 percent (We Are Social)

Internet penetration in Canada: 95 percent (We Are Social)

Social media penetration in Canada: 56 percent (We Are Social)

Internet penetration in the U.S.: 88 percent (We Are Social)

Social media penetration in the U.S.: 56 percent (We Are Social)

Facebook and Twitter account for more than 99 percent of all blog shares in the U.S. (AllTwitter)

More than half of all US users are on at least four platforms (IPG Media Lab)

Users in the 18-34 age bracket are the mostly likely to unfollow brands (69 percent) (IPG Media Lab)

Evernote: 101 million users, including 35 million in the Asia Pacific region and 27 million in the U.S. and Canada (Evernote Blog)

Spotify: 10 million  subscribers and 40 million active users (Spotify Blog)

Skype: 4.9 million daily active users (Inside Facebook)

43 percent of marketers have a mobile-optimized blog (Social Media Examiner)

68 percent of the marketers who spend more than 40 hours weekly on social media are under the age of 40 (Social Media Examiner)

42 percent of sharing activity around brand videos happen within the first three days of publishing (Unruly)

7 in 10 people make purchasing decisions to solve problems (SlideShare)

89 percent of small businesses publish content every week (eZanga)

6.7 million+ people use blogging platforms around the world (Business 2 Community)

12 million+ people blog via social networks (Business 2 Community)

Blogs generate 67 percent more leads (Business 2 Community)

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