Social media in numbers (May 2014)

Looking for some social media stats to use for your strategy or in your next presentation? You will find what you need in the list below.


1.28 billion monthly active users (MAUs) (PR Newswire)

802 million daily active users (DAUs) (PR Newswire)

609 million mobile DAUs (PR Newswire)

1.01 billion mobile MAUs (PR Newswire)

900 million unique U.S. visitors in April 2014 (Statista)

820,000 Chinese users (We Are Social)

200 million monthly Facebook Messenger users (CNET)

Mobile activity makes up 68 percent of time spent by U.S. users  (comScore Data Mine)

Traffic to Facebook grew by almost 38 percent during Q1 2014 (Shareaholic)

Posting on Fridays is likely to result in better engagement: 17 percent of weekly comments, 16 percent of weekly likes and shares. 25 percent of videos played also occur on that day (CMO)

Updates posted on Sundays trigger the least comments (CMO)

75 percent of brand posts are pictures. The next most popular formats are links (10 percent), status updates (6 percent), and albums (4 percent) (Statista)

80 percent of users prefer connecting with brands on Facebook (CeBIT)

24 percent of mobile referrals to top news and entertainment publishers come from Facebook (Quancast)

Lifestyle (31 percent), entertainment (28 percent), and technology (10 percent) are the main engagement drivers on Facebook (Klout Blog)


Traffic to Google+ increased by 53 percent during Q1 2014 (Shareaholic 

120 million unique U.S. visitors to Google+ in April 2014 (Statista)

75 of the top 100 brands are on Google+ (Business 2 Community)


85 million unique U.S. visitors in April 2014 (Statista)

Largest traffic sources by country: United States (32.48 percent), Brazil (7.55 percent), Russian Federation (5.26 percent), United Kingdom (5.2 percent), and Canada (3.59 percent) (Statista)

43 percent increase in unique U.S. mobile traffic between February and December 2013 (comScore Data Mine)

Photos trigger 8,000 likes per second (CeBIT)

Per-follower engagement rate for top brands’ posts (4.21 percent) is 58 times higher than on Facebook and 120 times higher than on Twitter (Forrester)


300 million members (LinkedIn Blog)

4 million Chinese users (We Are Social)

186 million monthly unique visitors (LinkedIn Blog)

Largest traffic sources by country: United States (42.28 percent), United Kingdom (7.27 percent), India (4.84 percent), Canada (4.71 percent), and Netherlands (3.71 percent) (Statista)

36 million U.S. Millennials (15-34 years old) (Social Positives)

8 new groups created weekly (Social Positives)

200 Group conversations per minute (Social Positives)

LinkedIn and Tumblr are the only social networks that U.S. users access predominantly via desktop (74 and 54 percent respectively) (comScore Data Mine)

A majority of U.S. LinkedIn content sharers are found in the 41-50 age group (ShareThis)


30 billion pins (Pinterest Blog)

750 million boards (Pinterest Blog)

100,000 members are retailers (Re/code)

150 million unique U.S. visitors in April 2014 (Statista)

U.S. users spend 92 percent of their time interacting on Pinterest via mobile (comScore Data Mine)

Social sharing, which is dominated by users in the 31-35 age group, increased by 5 percent in Q1 2014 (ShareThis)

Traffic to Pinterest increased by 48 percent during Q1 2014 (Shareaholic

7.10 percent of overall traffic (Shareaholic

92 percent of all pins are posted by women (RJMetrics)

As of April 2014, there are 15 times more pins by women than by men (RJMetrics)


234 percent increase in unique U.S. mobile traffic between February and December 2013 (comScore Data Mine)


255 million monthly active users (MAUs) (Twitter Investor Relations page)

310 million unique U.S. visitors in April 2014 (Statista)

198 million mobile MAUs (78 percent of total MAUs) (Twitter Investor Relations page)

157 billion Timeline views during Q1 2014 (Twitter Investor Relations page)

U.S. users spend 86 percent of their time interacting on Twitter via mobile (comScore Data Mine)

Social sharing, which is dominated by the 31-35 age group, increased by 43 percent during Q1 2014 (ShareThis)

53 percent of users recommend products in their Tweets (Socialnomics)

56 percent of customers’ Tweets to companies are ignored (CeBIT)

10 million posts to brands were ignored during Q1 2014 (Socialbakers)

Brands take an average of 9 hours to respond to customers on Twitter (Socialbakers)

Average response rate across all industries: 42.7 percent (Socialbakers)

Top 5 industries by response rate: transportation (66.3 percent), services (57 percent), airlines (57 percent), telecom (51.6 percent) (Socialbakers)

7 percent of mobile referrals to top news and entertainment publishers come from Twitter (Quancast)

79% of users who see Tweets from brands and other users mentioning those brands take some brand action online or offline (Twitter Advertising)

Entertainment (35 percent), lifestyle (23 percent), and technology (13 percent) are the main engagement drivers on Twitter (Klout Blog)


Male / female ratio: 43 / 57 percent (Tamba)

Largest age group: 18-20 years old (Tamba)

515 percent increase in unique U.S. mobile traffic between February and December 2013 (comScore Data Mine)

Only 1 percent of U.S. users engage on Vine via desktop (comScore Data Mine)

Branded Vines trigger 400 percent more shares than regular videos (Tamba)


500 million users (WhatsApp Blog)

Fastest growth in user base from Brazil, India, Mexico, and Russia (WhatsApp Blog)

700 million photos and 100 million videos shared daily (WhatsApp Blog)


800 million monthly users in 2013 (Yahoo)

400 million monthly mobile users in 2013 (Yahoo)

10 billion Flickr photos (Yahoo)

150 million Tumblr blogs (Yahoo)

65 billion posts (Yahoo)


57 million reviews (Yelp)

210 percent increase in international reviews during Q1 2014 (Yelp)

132 million monthly unique visitors (Yelp)

61 million monthly mobile visitors (Yelp)

95 percent increase in international traffic between Q1 2013 and 2014 (Yelp)

74,000 active local business accounts (Yelp)

Mobile Usage 

Mobile sharing grew 2.6 times faster than desktop sharing during Q1 2014 (ShareThis)

Mobile now accounts for the majority of social actions (ShareThis)

By 2015, 81 percent of all U.S. cellphone users will have a smartphone (MobStac)

34 percent of Internet users search for products / services via mobile (GlobalWebIndex)

18 percent of local smartphone searches lead to a purchase within 24 hours (Google Think Insights)

Tablet users spend 20 percent more money than smartphone users (MobStac)

U.S.-based users check the news on their smartphone 40 times a day (AllTwitter)

They also spend more than two hours daily in mobile apps (MobStac)

4 in 10 U.S. mobile consumer turns to a competitor if they have had a bad mobile experience (MobStac)

Users in the 18-24 and 35-54 age groups have the highest concentration of “mobile addicts” (Flurry)

In 2013, the number of Chinese online shoppers increased by 160 percent (We Are Social)

Miscellaneous social media stats

Social sharing via email decreased by 25 percent during Q1 2014 (ShareThis

Men are more likely to scan a coupon or QR code to get access to information. Women prefer following brands on social media to receive deals or coupons (Dazeinfo)

Women check out brands’ social pages more often than men (CeBIT)

More than two-thirds of tech B2B searches occur outside of North America. 45 percent come from the coming from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and 22 percent from the Asia-Pacific region (Google Think Insights)

93 percent of shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media (Socialnomics)

90 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations. Only 14 percent trust ads (Socialnomics)

54% of Internet users look for expert opinions when making a purchase. Country-wise, users in Indonesia (75 percent), India (74 percent), Russia (68 percent), Malaysia (65 percent), and Brazil (63 percent) rely the most on that type of opinions (GlobalWebIndex)

Positive recommendations may motivate consumers to pay 8.8 percent more for products (ShareThis)

67 percent of U.S. shoppers purchased a gift they found on social media (MobStac)

49 percent of marketers send more than 500,000 emails per year (

By 2020, bandwidth usage will reach 607 terabytes (607,000 GB) per second (Dazeinfo)

By 2017, there will be 3.6 billion Internet users (Dazeinfo)

The new .guru top level domain name has passed the 55,000 registration mark (nTLDStats)

25 percent (618 million) of the global Internet population is found in China (We Are Social)

In 2013, each Chinese online shopper spent almost $1,000 on online shopping (We Are Social)

71 percent of page views on blogs and publisher sites are fake (PR Newswire)

66.34 percent of all emails were spam during Q1 2014. A majority originated from China (21.93 percent), the United States (18.81 percent), and South Korea (12.95 percent) (Kaspersky)

Animoto has 10 million users (PR Newswire)

The Wayback Machine, a digital archive of the World Wide Web, has indexed 400 billion pages (Internet Archive)

With 355 million monthly active users, WeChat is second largest chat app service in the world after WhatsApp (We Are Social)

The average attention span is 7 seconds (Socialnomics)

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