Keep an eye on Twitter trends with Sonar Solo

Those who use Twitter to keep an eye on conversations will certainly agree with this statement: The social media platform can be overwhelming. That’s why a service like Sonar Solo is handy.

Sonar Solo is a free visualization tool that surfaces trendy topics and hashtags, and / or influencers around any given keyword — and in real-time.

The results page is divided into two parts. On the left, the visual interface displays positive and negative sentiments, mention volumes, and Tweet velocity. Each item is clickable.

On the right, you will find the most viral Tweets for a specific item. You can interact with those messages as well as share and embed the column on a blog or website.

Note that Sonar Solo is a free version of Bottlenose’s Nerve Center solution and only analyzes one percent of Tweets per search. The paid version has no limitations and offers more features and insights. 

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