Want to surprise your blog readers on Twitter? Do this!

Do you know who shares your content on Twitter? Your answer will probably go like this: “I use the mentions feature. So, yes.”

Actually, you are wrong. You can only spot half the shares. And here is why.

When coming across a nice article, many Tweeps do not use the sharing buttons we provide. They prefer relying on a service like Buffer because they like scheduling Tweets. And when they do, our Twitter handles often get “axed” in the process. The result? No notification will pop up for us when the updates are sent.

If you use TweetDeck and HootSuite, there is an easy fix. Instead of only relying on the Mentions feature, create three additional columns: one for your domain name, one for the name of your blog, and one for your own name. Here is an example with my TweetDeck dashboard:

Tweetdeck monitoring

As you can see, many Tweets don’t mention me. And yet, all redirect to my blog. The exception comes from a user whose Paper.li paper has the same name as my blog. It happens occasionally. If your site has a unique name, it should not be a big issue.

So, what’s the next step? Surprise those users with a “thank you” and / or interact with them. Even a small acknowledgement will go a long way. You can trust me on that one!

I hope you found this little trick useful. 


  1. says

    Cendrine, this is so incredibly smart! I’ve left much traffic on the table. People often RT without using handles, or again, through apps like hootsuite. I share my fair number of posts directly through the blog with my bookmark; now I know how to nail down people who simply tweet me without any mention of my handle. Thanks Cendine! Heading over to hootsuite to fix this now. I’ll also share this on kingged.com because it’s uber helpful :)

  2. says

    This is very helpful. I use TweetDeck and had never thought about creating separate streams for my domain name, the name of my blog and my own name! This may sound vain, but essential if you want to keep a track on what’s happening regarding yourself within social media. Cool!

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