Tweet2Cite: A great Twitter citation generator for academic papers

When working on a research paper, a student may find some great information on Twitter that they would like to cite. They just need to format the content to meet academic requirements.

Let me introduce you to Tweet2Cite. This free tool makes it easy for anyone to convert Tweets into the MLA and APA styles. All you have to do is enter the URL of the message you want to use and click the “Go” button.

NB: To find the URL of a Tweet, click “Expand” at the bottom of the Tweet, then “Details”. 

The properly formatted citation will appear underneath. Here is an example:

Click the picture to zoom in

Tweet2Cite only supports the MLA and APA formats right now. However, creator Ben Hedlund plans on adding more options in the near future, including Wikipedia and Chicago style.

To start using Tweet2Cite, visit

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