Need to send a direct messages to multiple Twitter users?

One of the few features missing on Twitter is the ability to send DMs to several people at once.

That’s why you will probably love using TweetGuru MultiDM. This free tool allows you to reach up to 12 people in one fell swoop!

Visit and log in with your Twitter credentials. On the next page, enter each @username separated by a comma in the IDs box, type your message, and click the “Send Multi DM” button.

Your recipients will receive the DM right away.

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  1. says

    This seems like a useful tool :D

    I have used the messaging feature in a while. I used to send Auto DMs, I stopped doing it once I realized how much I hated receiving Auto DMs (if I was annoyed by that, how do I expect my followers to be not annoyed?).

    I might get back to it though. Still considering my options (I was thinking of manually messaging each follower, but that takes a lot of time, right?).

    Anyways, this tool could be useful when promoting my pillar posts, or perhaps link posts :D

    Thanks for the tip, Cendrine!

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