Have you tried Twitter’s new music service yet?

Twitter music

Twitter announced on Thursday the release of its new service for music aficionados.

Aptly called #music, the app scours activity on the social network to surface trending songs, emerging artists, and stuff shared by the people you follow.

Hover over the artist or song to bring the “Follow” and “Play” buttons. And when you listen to a track, the spinning disc in the lower left corner will allow you to purchase the music on iTunes, Tweet it to your followers, and skip to the next tune.

The songs on Twitter #music currently come from three sources: iTunes, Spotify or Rdio. By default, you will hear previews from iTunes when exploring music in the app. Subscribers to Rdio and Spotify can log in to their accounts to enjoy full tracks that are available in those respective catalogs. We will continue to explore and add other music service providers.

(Source: Twitter Blog)

Twitter #music can be downloaded from the App Store. It also available to web users at music.twitter.com.

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