Typeform: Attractive forms for a better user experience

If you are looking for a tool to create user-friendly polls, surveys, and quizzes, you will love Typeform.

Currently in open beta, Typeform offers a really nice array of options. For example you can choose between 20 different question types (e.g., multiple / picture choice, statement, rating, dropdown, Yes/No). You can also add pictures and videos, and welcome and thank you screens.

Other features include: full design customization, email notifications, and data insights. To embed your form on your website or blog, click the “Distribute” tab.

Typeform works with all devices and platforms and is free.

To start using the service, visit https://www.typeform.com.

For examples of what you can do with Typeform, visit https://www.typeform.com/ideas.


  1. says

    They do look stylish :D

    I was thinking of putting up a poll/survey (frankly, I hadn’t thought of what I was going to use. I was probably going to go with the usual – Poll daddy).

    I watched their featured tour – the templates look awesome.

    Thanks for sharing, Cendrine! Appreciate it :)

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