Too many email subscriptions? Let help

Every person working online knows it. The number of emails we receive daily can be overwhelming.

Many of these messages are newsletters that we either remember signing up for or will not read anymore. So, how do you manage that overload without spending hours clicking the “Unsubscribe” button? The answer is helps you save time by removing your email address from unwanted mailing lists and organizing what you still want to read into a convenient digest. It supports, Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, and iCloud, and is available on every device. 

To start using, sign up for a free account. After granting limited access to the service, it will scan your Inbox to find all your email subscriptions. The results will appear in alphabetical order on a dedicated page. You can edit them right away.

Everything you send to the Rollup is automatically categorized. Note, though, that the subscriptions will no longer appear in your Inbox. Instead, you will find them in the “” folder created by your email client. To change the time you receive your digest, visit your settings. also allows you to prevent specific people from contacting you — without them knowing it. Just click the Edit Contact Blocking‘ tab in the drop-down menu under your username. You can unblock them anytime. 

 And if you feel like unsubscribing to or adding a newsletter to your Rollup without leaving your Inbox, you can. Just forward the email to and respectively. is located at

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