Build great widgets for your blog with Blogvio

Blogvio lets you create responsive widgets for your website or blog. The service is free for up to 50,000 views per day and three sites.

To create a widget, visit the Widgets area. Then:

  • Choose an item among the eight available (news ticker, video player with overlay progress bar, disk spinning MP3 player, stack gallery, photo conversion…)
  • Click the “New Composition” button
  • Select and customize the skin
  • Add content from Facebook, Dropbox, or a link. The option will be different depending on the widget you want to create
  •  Edit details (e.g., titles, descriptions, width, height)

To save your composition and get the embed code, you will need to sign up for an account.

Here is an example of news ticker.

Note that all widgets come with metrics, including impressions, engagement rates, average view time, and devices, and will only load on the websites you have listed in your Account Settings.

To start using Blogvio, visit

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  1. BLOGVIO says

    Hello Cendrine! Thank you for the review, we appreciate the step by step instructions you provided.

    We’d like to let you know that during the following weeks we’re releasing about 80 new widgets, and more content sources to add your files from (Instagram, Flickr, etc). This should help you guys share the content easily on any site and platform! :)

    • says

      Hello there!

      Thank you for stopping by!

      Wow, 80 new widgets? It’s going to be awesome for sure. Just contact me through my website to let me know when they are available. I will update my article accordingly.

      • BLOGVIO says

        Yep, we start small. Posted a bit about our product roadmap here, and will post a note when we’ve released the new sets.

        Thanks a lot Cendrine. I’d love to know where you first found out about Blogvio if you can write us at support. :)

        • says

          Great, thanks!

          Someone was talking about you in an article the other day. Since I am involved in social media full time and have to keep an eye on tools and news, I figured that it would be a useful tool for my audience.

          • BLOGVIO says

            Happy to hear, thanks! Yes it is, or if some cannot see the long term vision, it will be important. :)

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