Wordle lets you create beautiful word clouds

Pretty cool picture, eh? I made it with Wordle.

Wordle is a free website that allows you to make your written content shine by turning it into word clouds for presentations, articles, and more.

No signup is required. Just visit http://www.wordle.net/create to get started. There, copy and paste a bunch of text in the box and click “Go”. Alternatively, you can create a cloud from a blog or blog feed link.

You can format your Wordle with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. For example, there is an option to remove or include common terms such as “the” or “a”. You can also decide how many words you want to feature and how they should be displayed (horizontally, vertically, half and half, etc.). Click the “Randomize” button at the bottom to get some creative ideas.

When you are happy with the result, click “Print,” “Open in Window” to take a screenshot, or “Save to public gallery” to make it available to everyone.

Note that Wordle is a Java applet. The latest version is not supported by Chrome. So make sure that you use Safari or Firefox instead.

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