50 WordPress plugins you should try this year

Wordpress plugins

Photo credit: Christopher Ross via Photopin cc

The other day, someone asked me to recommend a few plugins for their WordPress blog. After sharing links, I figured that listing them on Social Media Slant could help more people.

In my blogging career, I have tested many plugins. Some stopped working or triggered compatibility issues, while others did not meet my expectations. Thankfully, the WordPress plugin repository and the Internet offer a lot of choice!

I have used more than half of the plugins highlighted below. The rest are on my to-test-and-review list because they are recommended by some major bloggers.

The one I’m the most eager to install right now? Google Drive for WordPress. Simple Pull Quote also looks like a very interesting tool.

And for those who wonder what I use for the author bio at the top of my articles, check out Starbox.


  1. says

    This is a great list. So many plugins to make WordPress do the things it doesn’t out of the box. I don’t use many of these, so this will definitely be added to my future list as well. One that I don’t see on here, is Leadin- it’s a great plugin that gives you the email address someone used to fill out any form- for those who use RSS subscriptions via email this is great as you can see who is signing up, not just a number. Plus you get to see where the traffic came from and what pages they visited. 


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