WordPress.com now ranks in top 10 for Internet traffic in the U.S.

Quantcast, the audience measurement service, has updated its list of most visited websites on the Internet by country.

The list reveals that WordPress.com now sits at the eighth spot in the United States with 73.5 million monthly visitors. The fully hosted blogging platform is number 1 in Canada (11.2 million visitors), France (9 million visitors), Brazil (25.8 million visitors), and the United Kingdom (13.1 million visitors).

According to WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg, the numbers do not account for the registered domain names pointing to the platform:

Other top sites in the U.S. include:

  • Google.com – 195.2M
  • YouTube – 175.1M
  • Facebook – 141.8M
  • MSN.com – 118.4M
  • Twitter.com – 92.2M
  • Ebay.com – 84.4M
  • Yahoo.com – 69.6M

Currently, there are 70.4 million WordPress blogs in the world. Authors create 38 million posts every month, which trigger an average of 62.3 million new comments.

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